Parker Randall S.R.L is a young firm which provides personalized audit, tax, accounting and legal advisory services.

We provide a highly qualified professional service, supported by our more than 20 years of experience advising national and international companies.

We are a firm that offers personalized solutions with a limited structure, according to current times, which allows us to be highly competitive providing, at the same time, an efficient and integrated service.

Parker Randall has expanded its services throughout Latin America: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay.

Parker Randall International guarantees security and confidentiality in each service that it offers. It advices its clients, from all over the world, just the way a firm like Parker Randall, with strict standards and international policies, can do it.

Our mission is to provide our clients with business solutions in an easy and personalized manner, in accordance with our ethical values.

Wilma Camacho, CPA

Born in 1972.
Certified Public Accountant,
University of the Republic, 2002.
Master in Law and Tax Practice,
University of Montevideo.
Member of the Uruguayan Institute of Tax Law, (IUDT, in its Spanish acronym).
Languages: English, Portuguese and Spanish.

Agustin Rachetti, CPA

Born in 1983.
Certified Public Accountant,
University of Montevideo, 2006.
Master in Business Tax Advisory,
IE Law School, Madrid, Spain.
PPost-graduate Degree in Transfer Pricing.
Duke University, Durham, USA.
Post-graduate Degree in Business Administration.
IE Law School, Madrid, Spain.
Professor of Tax Legislation,
University of Montevideo.
Languages: English and Spanish.

Mariana Ordoño, CPA

Born in 1979.
Certified Public Accountant,
University of the Republic, 2007.
Post-graduate Degree on “Tax specialization”,
Catholic University of Uruguay.
Member of the Institute of Accountants, Economists and Administrators of Uruguay.
Languages: English and Spanish

María del Carmen Rizzo, CPA

Born in 1988.
Certified Public Accountant,
ORT University, 2010.
Master in Taxation and International Financial Reporting Standards.
ORT University.
Professor of SMEs Management,
ORT University.
Professor of Accounting Profession and Society,
ORT University.
Languages: English and Spanish.